6 Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

We love hearing stories from our clients about how much they love their custom Anthony John Construction decks in Lexington, SC. Our goal always is to build an outdoor living spot that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. So with that in mind, we came up with a list of 6 things you can do to make your deck the best hangout spot for your family.

1. Add a Roof

Covering all or part of your deck is expensive, but it is simply the best way to maximize the amount of time you will spend on it. Having a roof opens up so many options, you can add things like ceiling fans, speakers, or a TV. You can screen it in, or leave it open. You can add heaters or a fireplace to allow use in the spring & fall. If your deck is south-facing, adding a roof will allow you to use it even in the hottest months of summer in South Carolina.

2. Add Some Low-Voltage Lighting

Having lights installed on the steps makes your deck much safer. Low-voltage lights installed on the top or side of the posts adds a nice soft glow to the whole area. This is one of the biggest regrets our clients have afterward,  that they did not get lights installed. In most situations, lights can be added after the deck is built. Though it will be more complicated and thus be more expensive.

3. Add a Fire Pit

We have installed several different types of fire pits on decks for our clients. You can have a gas-burning one that sits on top of the deck, or you can have a paver fire pit that will allow you to burn logs integrated into the deck.

4. Comfortable Seating

Outfitting your deck with lots of seating will ensure that your family can spend at much time on it as possible. If you’re a family that hosts a lot of parties or gatherings, it’s a good idea to add some additional furniture for guests and visitors. Having built in benches is an easy solution to be able to entertain more people at events. That way, no one is left standing!

5. Design the Deck to Fit Your Needs

Thinking through some of the ways you will use your deck the most can help you a lot in the design process. Think about how many tables, chairs, grills, etc. you will want on the deck. Then plan a layout based on that. This will ensure that your deck is the proper size and the flow of seating and grilling makes sense.

6. Add a Gate

If you have pets or young children, adding a gate at the top of the steps makes a lot of sense. This will give you an outdoor space for the kids to play without you needing to worry about them falling down the steps.

Need any additional insight on ways to maximize your outdoor living space? Contact us today!