Gutter Cleaning Tips For The Winter

All winters are not created equally…thank goodness. Most of the time when we hear the word winter, we think of frigid temperatures and snowstorms. Luckily, here in South Carolina, winter isn’t so extreme. Here in the Midlands, we’re lucky if we see a few inches of snow a year. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]

Why Lexington, SC Homeowners are Choosing Vinyl Siding

Over the last several decades, American homes are beginning to turn to different types of siding. What was once gingerbread trim, clapboards, and wood shingles can now be seen as vinyl siding. This raises a very important question: “Why are Lexington, SC homeowners opting for vinyl siding?” As in many cases, money is a deciding […]

5 Tips to Flipping Houses in Lexington SC

You’ve decided to jump on the trend of flipping houses in Lexington, SC — or at least you’re going to remodel one house and try to flip it. Why not, right? You can remodel the home, increase its overall property value, get a pretty nice return on your investment and create a more beautiful home […]

Get the Most ROI with these Home Renovations in 2022

With the real estate market booming right now and houses selling at an all-time high, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you can get the biggest return on your investment in 2022. When your list of home renovation projects is more than a mile long and your bank account is nowhere near […]

Home Addition: 5 Must-Know Steps for a Seamless Project

It’s common for families to outgrow their home. When you live in a nice neighborhood and are in the perfect location, you don’t want to move. Unfortunately, something has to change. Adding onto your house is the perfect solution. You can get what you want and the additional room that you need without moving to […]

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Have you noticed some uneven or patchy portions of your roof? This could mean you need repairs or even a complete roof replacement. If you’re discovering more and more areas of your roof that aren’t looking great, don’t overlook this. The problem will only grow and could cause substantial, costly issues in the near future.  However, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage

You have Options Unexpected, damaging storms are unpredictable and can take a perfectly healthy roof and leave it in shambles. However, don’t fret! After a storm, call upon the roofing experts at Anthony John Construction. We are experienced with getting your roof taken care of right away after what can seem like a disastrous event. […]

What is a Roof Inspection and What Does It Involve?

Getting a Roof Inspection is Important  If you believe your roof looks good and is working well, you may not think about getting a roof inspection until it is too late. However, you should be getting a roof inspection even when you believe you don’t have any problems. A roof inspection will stop any initial damage and secure […]

This is How to Find Your Perfect Residential Roofing Contractor

Choose the Right Contractor If your roof is damaged in any way, it is time to get it repaired as soon as possible. Choosing quality contractor ensures that the repairs are done the right way. However, when you do your initial searches for a contractor, it can be mind-boggling how many may pop up. This article will […]

Protect Your Roof from Hail Damage This Fall

Hail Can Do Serious Damage In addition to spring and summer, fall is a season in which hail is most prevalent. Large, or even small, hail pellets can badly damage the shingles on your roof, leaving big craters. That is why it is essential to know how to protect your roof from hail damage. Follow […]