Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Have you noticed some uneven or patchy portions of your roof? This could mean you need repairs or even a complete roof replacement. If you’re discovering more and more areas of your roof that aren’t looking great, don’t overlook this. The problem will only grow and could cause substantial, costly issues in the near future. 

However, you’re probably wondering if I should do a repair, or should I buy a whole new roof? Here are a few things to consider when evaluating whether you should repair or fully replace your roof. 

Consider These Aspects

How Old is Your Roof? 

Lower quality shingled roofs generally are expected to last around 20 years. However, higher-quality shingles can last for over 40 years. It may be time to look back at the info you were provided when you first purchased your home to see if the previous owner installed a new roof. If you cannot find any information, a residential roofing contractor will be able to look at what condition your roof is in. They’ll look for a few different signs when evaluating your roof.

  • How many shingles are missing
  • What condition your existing shingles are in: are they cracked, damaged, or missing granules?
  • An uneven or sagging roof
  • Your flashings condition
  • Signs of moisture: mold, fungi, moss, or other plants growing on your roof.

You May Have Trouble Matching Shingles

If you’re leaning towards repairing only sections of your roof, take into consideration the work the sun has done to fade shingles. This means that even if you purchase the exact same type of shingles you currently have, they will likely be a darker color than your existing ones. This could result in an undesirable look. 

What is Your Budget?

Of course, roof repairs are generally going to be less expensive compared to getting your entire roof replaced. However, there are financing options available, and a quality roof will be an investment that can last many decades. 

Were Previous Repairs or the Original Installation Quality Work? 

Roof repairs or installations that were not done correctly can significantly impact the lifespan of your roof. So, even if your roof was installed ten years ago, your roof could be in the same condition as a 30-year-old roof if the installation was poor-quality. 

Choose a Superior Roofing Service 

We provide our customers with the education and care they deserve when making the decision to purchase a new roof here at Anthony John Construction. We also provide the level of service you expect during and after the roofing process. Contact us today for all your roofing needs and for an expert evaluation of your roof. We’ll help you make the right decision when it comes to whether you should repair or replace your roof.