The Ultimate Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage

You have Options

Unexpected, damaging storms are unpredictable and can take a perfectly healthy roof and leave it in shambles. However, don’t fret! After a storm, call upon the roofing experts at Anthony John Construction. We are experienced with getting your roof taken care of right away after what can seem like a disastrous event. First, follow the steps below to file your insurance claim for the storm damage easily. Then, contact us, and we can step in and restore your roof to its former glory. When what seems like a disaster strikes, you have options. 

File an Insurance Claim

1. Know Your Specific Policy

Time to pull out any information about your specific insurance policy to see if it covers storm damage. Ideally, you should already be aware of this information, but if not, time to get educated. You should also know an estimate or exactly how old your roof is. Sometimes, insurance policies do not protect older roofs from storm damage. 

2. Ensure Your Property is Safe

Before taking a close look at your roof, wait until the storm has fully passed. It is better to wait for a while instead of getting struck by lightning.  Also, be aware of any debris that may be scattered around your yard or across your roof. If there are downed power lines, do not touch them or even come close. Leave those to the professionals to remove. 

3. Document the Damage

Your phone’s camera is your best friend. Head out and take some photos of all damage that you can see. If there are branches or power lines or rocks, take pictures of those as well. They will help your insurance claim. However, do not climb on top of your roof or anything dangerous. 

4. Get in Contact 

Now that you have collected any and all information related to the claim, get in contact with your insurance provider. Inform them of your current situation and of the amount of damage that occurred. From there, your agent should be able to guide you through what’s covered and what other information may be needed for the claim. 

5. Let Us Take a Look

Now that your insurance claim is well on its way, contact us today to schedule your storm damage inspection with Anthony John Construction. Let us know you’re already in contact with your insurance company and have any paperwork that your insurance company provided ready to go. 

Quality Storm Damage Repair in Lexington, SC

We know just how urgent of a situation unexpected storm damage causes. We’ll get all your repairs completed quickly and professionally, providing you with the education and care you need throughout the process. You’ll no longer need to stress when a storm hits!