What is a Roof Inspection and What Does It Involve?

Getting a Roof Inspection is Important 

If you believe your roof looks good and is working well, you may not think about getting a roof inspection until it is too late. However, you should be getting a roof inspection even when you believe you don’t have any problems. A roof inspection will stop any initial damage and secure your roof so that more damage doesn’t occur after a big storm or wild temperature change. 

Whether you believe you have roof damage or if you believe your roof is in perfect shape, get a roof inspection. Don’t take a chance on the condition of your roof. 

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail? 

A professional, qualified contractor performing a roof inspection will be able to notice issues with moisture, flashing, vents, structural integrity, underlayment, and your gutters, to name just a few. 

A roof inspection will not only look at the top of your shingles, but also explore what could be occurring underneath them, especially if there are signs of moisture damage such as mold or moss growing. A roof inspector will likely go into your attic as this can be very telling for what is going on under the surface of your roof. 

An expert roofing contractor will check every nook and cranny of your roof to verify if it needs any repair. 

What Can a Roof Inspection Help With?

Here are a few different reasons why a roof inspection will be useful in maintaining the health of your roof. 

Reduce Future Issues

Making sure your roof is in tip top condition helps to ward off any further issues in the future. A roof inspection could detect a minor issue and stop it before it would have turned into a big, costly problem. 

Find and Take Care of Weather Damage

A roof inspection after a storm can help discover any water damage, hail damage, or wind damage that may have occurred. A routine roof inspection will help you to plan your maintenance on any defects to prevent them from causing further damage when another storm hits. 

Noticing Drainage Issues

If your roof was not installed properly by a bad contractor, getting a roof inspection by an experienced contractor could help to notice roof drainage issues and solve the issue right away. Proper drainage is needed for a high-performance roof. If your roof has issues draining, this will lead the water to seep and cause serious moisture issues. 

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